The 1970 Controlled Substances Act placed all formerly regulated drugs
into a schedule of 1-5, with 1 being the strictest classification. The
schedule was decided by a set of factors, two of which were it’s
potential for abuse and it’s history and current pattern of abuse. The
Cannabis Sativa plant, otherwise known as marijuana, was placed in
schedule 1.  No differentiation was made for the Cannabis Sativa L
(Hemp) plant. This made the hemp plant illegal. This plant that had been
used for centuries for industrial use of the derived products such as
fiber among other products, was no longer legal in the United States.
Now, although illegal until the Bill was signed, it is being used for
health products, construction, biofuel, and of interest to us, the
production of CBD Oil. The 2018 Farm Bill removed Hemp from the
Controlled Substances list, defined it broadly to include all parts of
the plant, and made the USDA the sole federal agency to oversee hemp
cultivation. It also authorizes and allows funds to go to hemp research.
What it did not do is authorize hemp to be freely cultivated under any
circumstances one desires. It will still be closely regulated and
overseen through licensing and other methods to assure not just anyone
can grow hemp in their backyard. It will not become a common garden item
and States can still decide it belongs on a controlled substance list.
The growth and production of hemp products and the transport of hemp
across state lines, will be carefully assessed if allowed by the state.
Hemp, as defined, has a level of THC of .03 percent or less and is now
known to have fantastic benefits of cbd oil in skin care by way of CBD Oil.

So while you will not be allowed to grow it in your vegetable garden, and consuming
it will not get you high, we should see some great quality CBD Oil from
US sourced hemp and plenty of research into what this incredible plant
can do for us and our four legged friends. The passing of the Farm Bill
was going to happen with or without the inclusion of hemp, but what a
victorious day day for hemp farmers and CBD users alike. It will improve
the economy, spike research into the endocannabinoid system, and improve
the quality of CBD. cbd oil for pain for sale