I have completed one round of my experiment with  CBD Oil and my three not quite right kitties. I took almost a month to go through 1
30 ml. bottle and the results are somewhat inconclusive in one and promising in the other two. This I believe is due to the fact that two
of my cats are way too smart for their own good. I can’t hope to get these cats to take the CBD from a dropper so they get it in wet food.
From the beginning, Mr. “mostly Main Coon”, as the vet described him, has been wary. He is naturally wary like a wild animal. He’s more
cautious than my F3 Bengal was. I put a dish down in front of him and he
looks me in the eye and slowly backs away. I have been able to get him
to take some by putting his dish in front of another cat, but not often
enough to see a difference in his behavior. The wariness was my target,
so that hasn’t worked out so well. Yet. The grouchy girl has been eating
every bit of her CBD enhanced food and I am seeing some real results in
her. She is easily overstimulated and very territorial. I have many
scars on my hands from her sudden annoyance at being brushed or petted.
She would just suddenly decide she has had enough and lash out with her
claws. She doesn’t seem to have learned to hit without using her claws
as most cats do. This is part of the behavior I am hoping to eliminate
and I do see a big improvement. She is calmer and even let me rub her
belly since I started giving her the CBD Oil. Amazingly, she also seems
to be tolerating the trespassing of the younger cats on what she
believes is her territory. The true test will come this weekend when I
let her out with the cats she isn’t real fond of. I hope to see more
tolerance if not an actual change in personality, but so far I see she
is benefiting from the Nutralife for cats. Now, the more serious reason
for my trying CBD Oil on my cats; I adopted a 4 month old feral kitten
in November. She was on the euthanasia list at the local shelter because
she hissed at the workers, was deemed too feral for adoption, and not a
good TNR (Trap, neuter/spay, return) candidate due to the area she was
found. I’m sure you can imagine how ferocious the hiss of a four month
old kitten is, so she was going to be euthanized. I brought her home and
she immediately took to the other cats but was afraid of me. I would
reach out to pet her and she would hiss, then dissolve into purrs,
rolling all over and melting like butter. Yet, still she was afraid.
There have been some serious health issues due to the fact that she is
feral and afraid to be held. A week after I got her, she developed a
fairly bad upper respiratory infection and the vet also found quite a
bit of dirt in her ears. I had to give her oral antibiotics, which she
was good about, but I had to hold her to clean her ears with a wash
which really upset her. A short time later I noticed her going in & out
of the litter box and saw she had blood in her urine. This turned out to
be FLUTD, a feline urinary tract disease that is more prominent in
elderly cats with nervous personalities. The cystocentesis showed her
urine was full of blood and crystals. So full the vet could not tell if
there was bacteria in it. She was given fluids and a long actin
antibiotic shot. We went through this two times over a period of six
weeks, the second time being so bad it resulted in the Vet having to
make a slide to see the bacteria in her urine. She was in pain, scared
and not at all doing well in the trust department. I kept taking her to
this place where they did mean things to her was all she understood. The
vet believed that her nervousness was causing the problem. I had to put
her on a strictly wet food diet and keep my fingers crossed. About this
time I started thinking how CBD had allowed me to deal with my stressful
job, so I decided to try it for my kitten as well. At first she was
eating her wet food with CBD oil with no complaints and she seemed to be
much calmer after about a week. She was coming up to me and looking for
attention, but still was a little afraid. By the end of the second week
she was no longer flinching when I walked by her and even sleeping on my
bed. Then I switched to a healthier wet food and the smell did not mask
the smell of the oil. Unfortunately she isn’t much into catnip, so she
is not attracted to it in the CBD Oil. The past week or so, she has
managed to almost completely avoid the food with the CBD Oil. She is
getting a little anxious again. Only a tiny bit, but enough to convince
me that the Nutralife CBD oil was working. It was helping her deal with
whatever lingering anxiety she still felt about being near a human. I
don’t know if I can expect permanent results from CBD Oil for my
babycat, but I am going to continue to try to get her to take it and see
if it soothes her nervousness further. So far we have not had to go back
to the Vet. Look out for part three and I’ll have more information on
the results of my other two cats as well. By the way, my next door
neighbor has begun giving CBD Oil to her elderly dog who was rapidly
showing signs of aging and joint pain. She has seen an improvement in
the old girl. This is something all mammals can benefit from as we
people and animals all have an endocannabinoid system!cbd oil for pain for sale