Pharma 17% CBD Decarboxylated Oil


Pharma’s Blue CBD Oil is manufactured with the same standards as their higher content CBD oils. Decarboxylated and filtered with CO2 extraction to preserve the benefits of the plant, yet remove the parts of the plant that some do not feel the need to consume. Contains full spectrum hemp oil with CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBDA.

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Blue has medium strength CBD content for those who are just beginning to enjoy the benefits of Cannabidoils, or those with less therapeutic needs.

Ingredients: CBD Hemp oil

All-Natural Purity

In composition, this is one of the safest and purest of CBD extracts. This is because of the strict, all-natural methods used in its creation. It is formulated without fillers, preservatives, or chemical additives. It is also derived exclusively from all-organic cannabis plants that have been grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and GMO’s.

Administration of Pharma’s decarboxylated blend is also quick and easy. Simply squeeze out the desired dose from the CBD-containing syringe and either directly ingest orally or add it to you favorite food or drink. The choice is yours here as both methods work equally well.

Effective Use

To make its trademark, decarboxylated oil, Pharma employs its signature, temperature-variance process that actually creates a more shelf-stable and effective CBD oil. The extract comes in a 1-gram or 10-gram package for casual or extended use. In addition, each gram of product can be split into 2, ½-gram treatments to be administered as needed.

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5 gram, 1 gram, 10 gram

Customer Reviews

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Great Stuff

The CBD product from your company has really seemed to help my lower back pain and feet pain from standing on my feet all day. Will re-order soon.

God's gift.

A great product that makes my various health issues tolerable. Thanks so much. I sleep better, no need now for glucosamine, and more benefits too numerous to lists. Thanks for a great, trusted source for this CBD oil.

Awesome Pain Relief

Although this product leaves an unsightly stain on your skin, it gives a much desired result....Pain Relief!!


It was different than the last one I ordered. Came out of tube too fast


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