Pur O3 Full Spectrum Cbd Relief Balm


Our relieving balm is a mixture of organic beeswax, organic cocoa butter, and organic shea butter for the base, and is enhanced with 550mg of full spectrum hemp oil suspended in MCT oil.

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This full spectrum hemp oil is full of natural ingredients which can help fight pain and inflammation. Organic herb extracts were also added to enhance the product:

Calendula flower – used by many cultures throughout history on wounds to promote healing due in part to its natural antiseptic properties
St. John’s Wort – commonly used topically for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits
Arnica – helps relieve pain related to sprains, muscle pain, and other inflammation
Comfrey root – contains allantoin which promotes cell formation

Ingredients: Beeswax*, cocoa butter*, shea butter*, MCT Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil*, St. John’s Wort*, Arnica*, Comfrey Root*. *Organic
This products contains 550mg full spectrum hemp oil and no THC
550mg per one ounce jar

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