GHN CBD Isolate Oil


If you prefer the benefits of pure isolated CBD then we have the perfect product for you! CBD Oil Herbal Drops, our CBD Isolate, is 99% pure CBD.  Available in 250-1500 mg. CBD isolates contain 99.9% cannabidiol and 0.1% water — they contain 0% THC.

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No THC (not even a trace), no phenols, no MCT oil-Nothing! Just pure, unaltered Hemp CBD Oil. If ingesting other parts of the hemp plant and the resulting terpines and flavinoids does not appeal to you, or you would rather your CBD is not combined with an MCT oil, this is the one CBD oil for you. No additives or preservatives, just pure, wholesome, quality cannabidoil. CBD isolates contain only one cannabinoid, cannabidiol.

How to Use CBD Isolate Oil
For those of us who hate to measure, it’s the easiest! 1 mg of our hemp extract drops gives you 1 mg of CBD. Pure and simple.

Available in 250-1500 mg.
Sizes 250,500,750,1000 and 1500 mg of CBD Oils
30 ml bottles


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250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500