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This is an unaltered, unflavored CBD Oil and dissimilar to the seasoned oils and tinctures that one may be used to, the Blue Label CBD hemp oil tube has one of the strongest taste of hemp of all the CBD items. This is a high concentration cbd oil.

The Blue Label comes in oral syringes with concentrations typically ranging from 15% to 18% CBD, based on each individual batch that is made and tested.

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The CBD tube permits you to absolutely control your serving size, even a little bead can give you a considerable measure of CBD. This permits you to effectively quantify your serving and to conform it as per your day by day needs. You can likewise consolidate the Blue Label High CBD Hemp Oil with some other CBD item in the event that you truly need to up your CBD admission and help your day by day serving size to statures not achievable with other CBD items. Also, you can utilize the Blue Label High CBD Hemp Oil with any wax vaporizer pen.

CBD Oil – Blue Label 15%-18% CBD
Added Ingredients: None
Form: Paste
Sizes: 1 gram, 3 grams, 10 grams
Decarboxylated: Yes
Ingredients: Hemp Oil Extract (Aerial Plant Parts)
Instructions and Servings
Allow the CBD Oil to come to room temperature before putting the oil under your tongue. We recommend testing your dosage for the best day-to-day regimen for you. Despite the fact that there’s no set measurement, numerous answer to taking the span of a grain of rice (or less) to be an adequate day by day allow. After the CBD has developed a tolerance, you may find that you can begin taking less to get similar results.

1. Squeeze the oil onto a spoon. (Each ml is measured on the applicator.)

2. Place the oil you just squeezed out under your tongue.

High CBD Hemp Oil– Blue Label 15%-18% CBD

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1 gram, 3 gram, 10 gram