The hemp plant that has been around for many moons. It has a plethora of uses,
in some of the foods we buy (hemp seeds are edible) such as breads, cereals
and even just eating the hemp seeds. The oils of the seeds are in some cosmetics
and personal care products sold on the market today. The stalks of the hemp
plants is used in clothing, rope and even in some paper sold today. The hemp also
contains in it THC and CBD. We will take a quick look at THC , it it found in high
concentrations in a marijuana plant and it has psychotropic properties , it is what
gives the person who consumes it the feeling of being “high”, when found in a
hemp plant there is less then .3 percent of THC. So when consumed via a hemp
plant you will not get a “high” feeling from it. A lot of people are turning to CBD in
their everyday life for various uses and reasons. Some people do not want to put
the many chemicals from prescription medicines into their systems , they are living
a greener lifestyle. It seems many people these day suffer from stress and anger .
Demands from our jobs and home can be overwhelming. We are constantly on the
go doing something, our phones are on us 24/7 and it seems we never take a
break. Many people are taking prescription drugs to help deal with life , But
believe it or not the use of CBD Oil in the form of tinctures or vaping maybe helpful
for stress relief and may help with ones mood. So if you you are looking for
something that may help you and you do not want to take prescription medicine.
Why not give CBD a try and see if it gives you
the balance you are looking for in life.