CBD Oil for Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s Disease or PD is a terribly debilitating condition that affects many people throughout the world. In this condition of the central nervous system, sufferers often experience a steady, downward decline in muscular function and quality of life as a whole. So, what exactly is this condition and why is it so debilitating?

As aforementioned, PD is a serious condition of the central nervous system. In layman’s terms, this condition is a gradual deterioration of the nervous system and its interactions handled between the brain and the body’s muscle systems. As a result, sufferers slowly lose muscular control throughout the body, also experiencing tremors, shakes, and various, other, debilitating symptoms.

Big Names, United Efforts

For many years, this condition was one that was only handled in the most rudimentary of ways, rarely acknowledged and popularly unheard-of. That was until a few of the world’s biggest names in celebrity and sports brought sudden attention to the condition via their own diagnoses and subsequent struggles. The names of these two sufferers: Michael J Fox and Muhammad Ali. Suddenly, all eyes were on this condition, a much needed boost to its acknowledgment and advocacy soon to come.

Treatment Shortcomings

At this point, much-deserved focus had been bestowed on this condition that previously stayed hidden. Aggressive efforts to understand and treat it multiplied, organizations were formed, and a new scientific mission was born. Despite this new call to arms though, the diagnosis for sufferers of the condition remained relatively grim and unchanged. Some treatments offered promise but were overshadowed by difficult side effects. Many hopes were dashed as it seemed that regardless of the world’s attention, this disease was just too complex to treat with current understandings.

Cannabidiol: A Hope Renewed

Enter Cannabidiol, or CBD oil. CBD came about as the product of research of an entirely different field: the study of marijuana. In recent times, reviled by government policies, this plant found itself at the center of all kinds of medical and scientific research. The results of much of this research not only substantiated centuries-old claims of its relative harmlessness, but they also confirmed several quite tremendous medical uses for the plant’s valuable extract or CBD oil.

Cannabis oil was testing out as a truly remarkable aid in the treatment of several, debilitating conditions. Parkinson’s, the condition so difficult to treat before was one of them. To the disbelief of many, an important treatment option lies within this plant and it’s contained cannabis oil.

Use of the plant’s refined oil immediately showed amazing results including reduced shaking and seizing of the muscles, some increased control over muscle movements, increased appetites and mood, and above all else, a natural method to increase dopamine. Poor dopamine production is thought to be a core contributor of PD. The use of CBD oil actually raised dopamine levels without a slew of associated, harmful side effects – something previously unheard of and simply not possible to medical science.

A Promising Future

While not fully erasing the condition, the use of cannabis oil has provided better treatment than any other previous option available to sufferers of PD. Governments have also begun to allow for its use, seeing the potential and the good to come of it. As a result, PD sufferers and others in need of this life-changing medicine have gained access to it. In these areas, patients can buy CBD online, in the store, or via specialized medical facilities. Whether sufferers then buy CBD online or in the store, as a result, the promise of treatment now offers this group something to celebrate while an ultimate cure is sought out.

If you need guidance in the use of these treatments, we are here to help. As a leader in CBD products, we have the exact product you need and the understanding to help even the most troubled patients effectively treat via CBD. Call or email today. For PD sufferers and others in need of these precious treatments, we are here for you.