Can CBD Oil Help?

Two words many of us are not familiar with in this busy world. Kids, jobs, pets, homes to maintain, leave no time for ourselves.  Too much activity becomes frantic very quickly. Frantic is not a good thing. Do you feel like your head is spinning?  Can’t remember what you were about to say or do?

We take things like this as perfectly normal in our hurry up and get it done so you can do more lifestyles. This mindset brings on feelings of anxiety and depression that most do not even recognize as such.  We don’t eat or sleep right and we know nothing about balance unless it has to do with juggling 9000 things a day. We become so frazzled that we don’t stop to ask if WE need anything and many just figure it is a sacrifice for our families happiness to not have any ME TIME.  We need ME TIME, we need balance and peace and self care to continue caring for the others we are responsible for.  We have no time, or won’t allow time to relax and soon little things start to get on our nerves, stress us out, make us feel like we’re being pushed and pulled in different directions at once.  Suddenly, or maybe over time, our personalities begin to change. We begin to cry over the littlest things, worry, fret, lose our temper or loath the idea of another week of going to work.

There’s no energy, enthusiasm or happiness and we don’t want to do enjoyable things because they are hard work now.  Everything looks bleak and hopeless. Little known to most, these are the way anxiety and depression begin to manifest.  Or maybe you have a seasonal effective disorder and spend from September to April in a funk; what they used to call the blues. You know, rainy days and Mondays-Karen Carpenter did a fabulous job on that song! The point I’m making here is that we just don’t feel right.  We aren’t really happy or cheerful, or grateful to be alive. Something is missing and whether it happens because we wear ourselves out or we are just born that way, we are out of sync. Something is definitely missing or off, but we don’t know what. Scientists studying the Endocannabinoid System refer to each person having a unique Endocannabinoid Tone. A combination of receptors and internally produced cannabinoids that keep us on an even keel.  This tone keeps us in a consistent state; homeostasis. When this system goes out of wack from an ultra stressful life, illness, not enough sleep, or whatever, it spells disaster.  We start having issues with anxiety, depression, exhaustion and many other things that we have a tendency to blow off because we are STRONG.  This particularly pertains to women.

Our bodies stop making their own cannabinoids and homeostasis is out the window!  Don’t fall to pieces yet! There are phytocannabinoids found in the hemp plant that are exactly what our bodies are missing. They bind with receptors in the brain and other parts of the body, just like the ones our body should be making, but is not.  Cannabidiol, CBD, has been shown to help with muscle pain, spasms, inflammation, and seizures, bringing a semblance of release from anxiety.  It has been shown to be helpful in disorders like MS, Fibromyalgia, and epilepsy. Another phytocompound found in hemp oil is CBC or Cannabichromene. This has been found to have an anti-depressant, sedative and relaxing effect. Cannabgerol, CBG, has similar effects on pain and inflammation as CBD and studies have demonstrated a relief in eye pressure in those with glaucoma. Scientists also credit cannabidoil with anti-psychotic properties. Clearly the phytocannabinoids found in CBD oil are beneficial in reducing the effects that severe stress have on the mind and body. Give yourself a little self care and love and try the healing effects of CBD oil. It does not have an instantaneous effect in most cases, so learn to relax, have some patience, and over time you will see results.  Personally, I am not nearly as anxious and have little or no panic attacks when I use CBD oil on a regular basis.