An amazing discovery has been made by Swiss scientists while conducting an unrelated experiment.  Researchers had scraped the bark from an apple tree, only to find that the bark magically regenerated itself. They had inadvertently discovered the regenerating power of apple stem cells. This was an electrifying discovery for the beauty world as many of the problems with aging skin are related to the fact that it no longer behaves in the refreshing way youthful skin does.  It loses elasticity, lines and wrinkles form, it refuses to hold moisture, and that youthful glow disappears. Nothing refreshing about that!  So, mainstream Beauty biz wasted no time researching these awesome little cells and the results were positive.  Virtually every company who produces beauty products now has an anti-aging facial product containing Swiss apple stem cells.  Do these apple stem cells make skin look younger and rejuvenated?  We have only to look at the celebrities out there claiming they get their youthful glow from some form of apple stem cell product. Be it a serum, cream or lotion, all the big name companies in the beauty industry swear it will make fresh new skin appear in no time. This sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?  But I think someone came up with an even better idea.  Combining apple stem cells with CBD Oil. This may seem like a strange pair to many, but I see the genius in it.  Apple stem cells rejuvenate your facial skin while CBD oil rejuvenates your body.  Our Endocannabinoid system has receptors all throughout the body, including the skin.  The Benefits of CBD Oil on the skin are numerous, ranging from supplying the skin with nutrients and antioxidants, to assisting with dermatological problems.  Antioxidants are extremely important to our health both inside and on our skin as they prevent the rust, or oxidizing that ages and damages our bodies.  So if you want to regain that refreshing youthful glow, this is the way to do it.  I  will certainly be taking advantage of the combined benefits both of these natural, free radical scavenging, skin nurturing ingredients have to offer.

Best CBD Skin Care For Wrinkles!